Monday, August 9, 2010

Bib Time

It's that time in baby development where drool is a constant stream and babyfood gets everywhere! Time to start wearing bibs.

Before I was a mom, I always thought it was silly that moms had their babies where bibs all the time. Weren't they just for feeding time? Plus it covers up their cute outfits! But as with MANY other "I'd never" comments I made before I was a mom, I've had to eat those words.

At this phase in a baby's life, if I don't keep a bib on him, his shirt is constantly wet from drool or stained from the yummy carrot baby food.

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brookie said...

Cute post. I saw a baby shoe in a parking lot in college and I said "What kind of mother wouldn't notice her kid wasn't wear its shoe?" I haven't lost one yet, but its going to happen.