Monday, August 9, 2010

Swim Lessons

Ty had his first Swim Lesson today.
This is a 4 week Parent/Child class at the YMCA.
It's for 18 mo to 3 years. So Ty is one of the oldest in the class. But I think this was better b/c he was so proud to show off his "moves".

At the beginning and end of each class they do these cute preschool songs w/motions to get them used to splashing and moving around.
Here Ty is doing the song, "This is the way we splash our hands, splash our hands, splash our hands...This is the way we splash our hands, in the swimming pool." :)
Then the instructor throws out a bunch of ducks into the pool and the kids have to kick to move around and collect them.

Ty likes to get a duck then shoot it in the basket. Look at that perfect form!

The "Itzy Bitzy Spider..."
"...out came the sun & dried up all the rain..."
These songs are cute b/c it gets them used to having the water sprinkled on top of them as they do the motions.
Drew was there looking on.
Afterwards, we went outside to play in the "big pool".

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brookie said...

Amy - how sweet! Love the boys at play. What fun stuff!