Monday, October 5, 2009

Fall Fun

We had lots of fun this Fall season.
I was able to visit Ty at preschool during their Pumpkin Festival where he got to lots of fun things like paint his own pumpkin :)
We also had a great time during a playdate to the Waterman's Pumpkin Patch.
Miriam, Makenna, Kaitlyn, Naomi, & Ty
Playing in the sand and getting filthy, that's what boys do!

Time for a Hay Ride.
Simeon, Makenna, Naomi, Kaitlyn, & Miriam
Stacy & Lucas was there too!
Wha'z up Lucas? LOL
Ty wasn't in the best mood that day.
This is probably the best shot of what I spent most of my time doing. Taking pictures while Ty pulls at me to pick him up.
Finally he decided to break loose and have some fun on the HayStack
...and throwing the hay at each other
It's all fun & games til someone gets hurt.


After working so hard on his pumpkin, we enjoyed a yummy carmel apple that Dennis surprised us with :)
One last jump on the trampoline before it starts getting cold.
Ty saying, "Cheeeese".
Helping Daddy rake the leaves.
Jumping in the leaves.
Grandpa Black hiding in the leaves...Ty wasn't too sure about that.
Grandpa jumping out and scaring Ty.

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