Saturday, October 31, 2009


Wow, it's been way too long since I've posted! Lots of fun things have happened. Like Halloween!
We started off our day of visiting at the Firehouse to see Dennis :)
He's getting so tall.
I love these pictures of the two of them walking together.
Next we went to a Surprise Birthday Party for my wonderful friend Carissa!
Here's a great photo of her just as she walked in the door.
Ty and Ayden Young as"Buzz Lightyear!"

Our next stop was to see Ty's Grandma & Papaw Dillman
While we were there, my brother Greg showed up with my nieces, Layla & Brianna
Mom thought it'd be fun to give Ty a sucker. Notice we had to strip him down. Slobber Monkey!
Then it was time for a costume change. Ty found this Monster costume at the store and wouldn't let go of the eye balls. So we decided to save it for the evening when it got colder.
Our next stop was to see my Uncle Gary & Grandma Gilbert

Grandma with the kids.
And finally, our last stop was to the Fall Festival at University Heights to meet up with my neices & nephews.
Brayton, Griffin, Montana, & Ty
Pfew! What a FUN day!

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