Monday, October 5, 2009

Great News!

We had our 1st round of genetics testing with this pregnancy. So far so good. I have to admit it was a bit difficult for me to be back in that place, meeting with the genetics counselor we saw with Riley, and going through more testing.

But the results so far have been good. The measurement (nucal translucency- back of neck) was questionable on ultrasound. But they also drew blood work that day. We got the results from that today and they were very good. Our likelihood of this baby having Trisomy 21 (Down's Syndrome) is 1:930, so basically 1%, and the likelihood of Trisomy 18 is 1:10,000, which is the lowest possible risk.

The whole screening is a series of tests. So we have more blood work in a month, then another ultrasound. That will give us a 90% accuracy. But the genetics counselor was very positive and said things looked very good :)

It was also nice to hear that they all still remembered us and was excited to hear we had a healthy son and that they way things appear, we should be having another healthy baby soon!

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Jodi said...

Wonderful news!!!!