Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Uncle Steve is Back in Action!

Dennis and I were proud to attend my Uncle Steve's swearing in at the Greenwood Fire Dept. After serving many years at IFD, Uncle Steve had decided to retire. Soon after, he learned that his prostate cancer had returned. While battling the cancer, Uncle Steve also learned that he had developed throat cancer. And during this same time, my Aunt Frosty (Steve's wife) also learned she had thyroid cancer. It was amazing to watch these two battle against it all and WIN! Given more time, Uncle Steve decided to return to the life he loved in firefighting. He worked up his strength back to pass the agility tests and recertify his EMT license. It's so great to see him Back In Action!

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Brandy Mills said...

That is so wonderful! What a wonderful Testimony they both have!