Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Fun with Cooper & Campbell

A few weekends ago, we got to spend the whole day with 3 adorable little boys! Ty, and his two friends Cooper & Campbell. After playing hard at the McDonald's playland and a good nap, Dennis decided to take the boys sledding.
Ty's all dressed up in his snow gear, but would prefer to stay inside and watch a movie. That's my boy!
Campbell's not quite sure what's about to happen, but he's ready!
Dennis carrying the two little boys out to the hill.
Notice that mommy is being smart and taking pictures from the warm indoors :)
And...after just one ride down the hill, Ty had enough and insisted on coming back inside.
So we watched from the window as the other boys played in the snow.

One last ride. Dennis insisted that Ty give it one more try. I think he liked it slightly better that time. Still not convinced. Maybe next year.
Nothing tops off a fun day like Grandma Black's chocolate chip cookies and milk!

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