Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ty Gets Tubes

Finally after 3 months of ear infections, 4 antibiotics, and numerous doctor appointments, Ty is finally getting tubes put in his ears today.

We had to be there early, so he came in his jammies. He was a bit confused about what we were up to, but excited when he saw this cool fish tank in the waiting room.
I just love his sleepy eyes (just like his daddy).
Once in our pre-op room, the boys were happy to discover we had a TV.
And we got Ty into his "silly shirt" (the kids hospital gown).
He finally warmed up to sitting in the hospital bed, as long as mommy laid with him :)
Of course I was glad to. I'm trying to soak up these cuddly moments.
And he got a hospital band with a cool Thomas the Train sticker on it.
After the surgery, which only took 10minutes, they called us back as soon as he woke up. He was, well let's say GRUMPY! And very confused. He kept asking for mommy and I was holding him. Killed me. But the wonderful nurses reassured us that he wasn't in pain, just confused and out of sorts after being under anesthesia.
One of Ty's nurses was my friend Allyson Wilmouth's mom. It's always wonderful to have a familiar face. She picked out an Eore balloon for Ty since that was the kind of mood he was in ;)
But once we got home, within an hour he was back to his little self. Such a character!
Mommy, cutting off his ID band.

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