Monday, November 10, 2008

1st Cold...Boo :(

Ty developed his first cold over the weekend. What started with a sneeze seemed like allergies at first. But soon the snot began to flow. Poor little guy. He's been miserable. It's hard when they can't blow their nose and I have to suck it all out with a bulb syringe (which he LOVES...NOT!). Although he has used my shirt as a tissue all day. It's mostly just nasal congestion and slight fever right now. Feels like the Amazon in his bedroom with the humidifier cranked up. But I guess it works...well that and Tylenol, because he took some good naps today. We'll see how the night goes.

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Jodi said...

Poor little man! I'm sorry to hear that he's sick...but, wow, he's gone almost 8 months before he's gotten his first cold! Ali was only a few months old when she got her first one! I hope he gets feeling better soon!