Wednesday, November 26, 2008

More 1sts...

It's been so fun to be able to be home with Ty and watch all his many "1sts" develop. Within the past day or so, he has learned how to open & close his hand to say "hi". I think it confuses him a little that it also means "bye bye". Here's some video I was able to catch. At the end, you'll notice another recent 1st..."the scrunchy nose face"...

press play

I think the "scrunchy nose face" started when my allergies were really bad and I was sniffing all the time. He'd study my face for the longest time trying to figure out what I was doing.

Ty has always loved for someone to hold both his hands and help him try to walk. But recently he has wanted to do this all the time. So as we were practicing our walking yesterday, we ran into his stuffed football a couple times. I started kicking it ahead of us. To my surprise he started trying to kick it as well. As I'm sure you can guess, it's not very coordinated. But he keeps getting better and better at it.

I think now that he's slimming down from being so active, he's seeing his NFL linebacker dreams fading. So he's moved on to a new goal...NFL kicker!

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