Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Trick or Treating Turtle

Halloween is so much more fun with kids, even though Ty doesn't really know what's going on. His costume was perfect since we called him turtle when he was a newborn. He was always pushing up or off of us and craining his neck to look around.

Our first stop was at my mom & dad's house.
We went along with my neices, Layla (dressed as Boo from Monsters Inc.) & Brie (as Dorothy).
My Grandma Gilbert was there to see the kids as well.
And Ty surely tried to talk her into giving him some candy, but mean-old mom wouldn't let her.
Ty loves dogs. He didn't understand why Nitro couldn't come inside...
...or why he didn't get a cool orange pumpkin to carry around too! Maybe next year, little guy.
But he sure had fun playing "nosey" with Grandma. This is their little thing they love to do together.
Next stop...block party at Aunt Diann's house. And to see my cousins Gabrielle, Grant, & Grace.
Oh!...and Lola (sporting her pumpkin costume).
Next stop...Aunt Dawn & Uncle Mark (who had surgery that afternoon on both hands). They roasted marshmellows in front of their house as they handed out candy. What a great idea!
Our final stop was at University Heights Baptist Church, where Craig & Denise were helping with a fall festival.
Ty's Nanna was there too...
(notice how sleepy the turtle is getting by this point)
Our neice Montana was there dressed as Hanna Montana :) Her two brothers, Griffin & Brayton were also there, but were too busy playing games to get a picture.
We had a great time and wanted to stop by to see soooo many more people. But the turtle's bedtime dictates how much we can do. Next year should be all the more interesting :)

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Jodi said...

The first Halloween is awesome, but wait until next year! It'll be so much more fun! It was so much fun taking Ali door to door and she totally got into it! Ty made an adorable Turtle!!!! I can't wait to get Ali's pictures up on the computer (but I have to wait til I get back to DC tonight).