Friday, November 28, 2008

Christmas Tree

"Oh Boy! What's this MomMom?"
My Little Helpers
Ty says, "Ha ha, I can still reach the tree!"
The final product. We've been warned by more seasoned parents, that Ty we need to make sure the Christmas Tree is secure enough so that Ty will not pull it over on himself, especially since he is pulling up on everything. So we decided to elevate it, put it as far back in the corner as possible, and block it off with our storage cubes. Although Ty was able to touch the tree in the previous picture, we moved the storage cubes back so now he can't reach the tree. "Ha ha, we're ahead of you Ty!"

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Jodi said...

Looks nice!!! Ali was only 5 months old last Christmas, so she wasn't able to get a hold of the'll be interesting to see what she does this year!