Monday, March 16, 2009

1 Year Check-up

Today Ty had his 1 Year Check-up with Dr Fledderjohn, his pediatrician. Everything looked great. Here's his stats:

22 lbs (50th percentile)
31 inches (75th percentile)
He hasn't really gained any weight, but she wasn't concerned since he's weaning off formula and is more active. We discussed his intolerance of whole milk and she suggested we try Soy Milk. The only problem with soy milk is it doesn't have as much fat and a few vitamins that he'd need. So we have to try to get fat into him through things like yogurt and cheeses, and then add a daily vitamin. So I just gave him his 1st sippy cup of Soy Milk and then he went down for a nap. We'll see how it goes. I still need to add it all up and see if that is any cheaper than the toddler formula (Next Step Formula).
He also got 4 shots :( Prevnar, Chickenpox, MMR, Hep A. He didn't flinch with the 1st one as he was too busy with his sucker I gave him. The second didn't feel so good, then by the 3rd and 4th he was not happy and threw the sucker. But he recovered quickly and I premedicated him with Tylenol.
So he's moving right along and growing well :) I'm always so proud when I leave his appointments.

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