Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sippy Cups Galore!

So a couple of months ago I was boasting about how Ty was no longer taking bottles. We were so excited. He was still getting 3 sippy cups a day of formula (morning, nap, & bedtime). It took us going through the first 2 cups you see on the left to find one that he liked. He ended up taking the soft spout Nuby cup. Well then somehow (not sure why) we ended up getting a few straw cups. And he loves those too. So he got his formula in the soft spout, then water during the day in the straw cup. And we have continued to do that. Oh by the way, we have switched fully to Soy Milk, so more formula!
So now the dilemma is that the little man has teeth and he's biting holes in his soft spout cup. I thought I'd just try the straw cups, but he likes to lay back and drink the milk in the morning & at night, and obviously you can't tip those back or all you get is air. I tried to teach him and he just got frustrated and fussy. So I tried the Nuby hard spout. He just throws it. Today I went and got a new kind (the Thomas the Train ones on the right). He threw it too. He tries to bite it instead of suck on it.
So here we are...Sippy Cups Galore! Any advice?

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Jodi said...

Ali's favorite when we first switched her to sippys was the Nuby too. I never had any issues with her biting holes in them. She now really likes the ones like your Thomas one--in Cinderella, of course!--and she just recently (like, within the last month or so) figured out how to do a straw!!! So, she can understand when I tell her "don't tip it!" The gerber one that you have (the second on the left) maybe he will take that one again since it's sort of soft, yet sort of hard too....??

He'll figure it out soon enough, or when he gets thirsty enough! :)