Thursday, March 19, 2009


Today, Dennis & I put our Trampoline up. Well...Dennis did most of the work while I entertained Ty by swinging...
I can never get enough of his giggles...(Press Play)

Ty "helping".

"Yea! I can crawl around on it now."

"Jump Daddy, Jump!"
Bouncy, bouncy, bouncy...
"Ugh, I'm wore out"
Mommy's wore out too. Actually, she's catching some rays.


Sarah Pead said...

So great! I love hearing that Turtle's laugh!

Denise said...

Hilarious! I love to hear Ty's laugh too! Montana cannot wait to try the trampoline out, she is excited!

Denise said...

Thanks for the jump! Montana, Griffin & Brayton had a fantistic time jumping the other night! I think they were a bit much for Ty (when I had him with me on the trampoline and they were jumping), he will get to their size & energy soon!